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Eco and purposeful travel

Conservation and Eco-Volunteers, Adventure travellers, all those wishing to travel with purpose and make a difference, no matter age or experience, please join us in our mission to unite all those interested in Africa, conservation, wildlife and community endeavours. From safari adventures to travelling with a purpose, join a group or make up your own group and reconnect with Mother nature, but leave having given back to nature and the wild of Africa, while having a life-changing and enriching experience.

We also offering an Explorers Expedition option where you can tailor make your own safari as a group of 6 people. Visit our Safari page for more information.

Regenerative and sustainable travel, leaving a low footprint is what we are all about, as we travel and work eco-friendly. We care about responsible eco-friendly tourism.

Our position on the banks of the Kafue River, close to the Kafue National Park with unfenced and free-roaming wild animals following ancient migratory routes, gives us the ultimate destination to enjoy authentic wilderness areas, and be a part of an ongoing rejuvenation project, for the benefit of all flora and fauna and our Community, the Kaindu Tribe, our landlords.

"I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life because, after Africa, nothing will be the same. Suzanne Evans

Our proud achievement

We are the first community-owned unfenced Game Conservancy in Zambia. Our model has been a success and looking to be a replicated model in Zambia. Our reclamation project has been 12 years in the making and has already seen vast dormant tracts of degraded land due to livestock overgrazing, poaching and trees decimated for commercial selling of charcoal. Due to our successful conservation efforts we now have abundant wildlife, many species of antelope, as well as lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo cheetah and more, have returned to their habitat moving freely in our unfenced game concession. Due to our success story, the Chief of the local Kaindu Tribe has entrusted more of his tribal lands to be rejuvenated and restored in collaboration with him and his people.

This is where we need you! Join us in our conservation efforts and be part of this "boots on the ground" experience by giving back to the community and wild African wilderness. 

Not only will you give back to wild African wilderness when you travel and eco-volunteer with us, but you will also learn about African cultures, tribal customs, agriculture, traditional medicine and all that makes up a Traditional Community in Africa and its rich and vibrant people.

Who can join?

Anyone, no matter of age or experience, who wants to be part of a program which is not dictated by rigid routines, but rather initiated by structures and activities that directly complement land, habitat and water. Anyone who wants to assist, observe, work hands-on, or just experience what makes conservation success in African wilderness community areas. One can never predict a day in wild Africa and every rising of the sun brings new challenges. To keep the program personal, groups are limited to a maximum of six people. You can join in on our volunteer Pioneer program, or make up your own group of 6 to do conservation and safari tourism, a more tailor-made option which will work well for team-building, corporate travel, university grads and those wanting a more personalised trip. Teams will be comprised of a diverse sector, but all with the same goal in mind. Those looking for a break from city life and wanting to relax and destress, and feel the African heartbeat.

"This is raw Wild Africa. You have to be of the adventurous constitution, one that accepts the wild, and brings with you the awareness, energy, and compassion to make a difference to a community and to conservation." Andrew Baldry. (The projects Visionary and CEO)

Rural and authentic African experience 

“I never knew of a morning in Africa I woke up and was not happy.” Ernest Hemingway

Your time spent with us...

Travel with Purpose. Let your holiday, adventure, expedition, corporate or team building adventure, be part of a project that enables you to give back to Nature and Communities

Hands-on, boots on the ground Conservation experience