Our Projects & Responsibilities

Social & Wildlife Responsibilities


This remains a focus as it employs our local community, and in turn is protecting wildlife, and habitat. Our plan is to introduce an all ladies anti-poaching patrol team, as we would love to see the upliftment of the local woman

The illegal trade in ivory has unfortunately seen elephant poached in the conservancy. This is concerning for anti-poaching units and requires an increased presence on the ground.

As the human population increases and biodiversity gets lost, so subsistence poaching increases. Drought and climate change have played a huge role. We support teams of anti-poaching units with presence, patrols and snare removals

The Kaindu Fisherfolk

These are traditional river-folk who live a subsistence lifestyle, on the river within our concession. They are the guardians of the Kafue river, and whose help we need to ensure we keep fish populations sustainable. Unfortunately hard times have fallen and drought ensured crops had failed, poaching of fish and river at an all-time high. Our project will see the rejuvenation of the river by setting up a small-scale fishery and sustainable fishing methods and protocols. We are temporary housing and feeding these fisher folk as we await financial support to get this project up and running. They are part of our community and we wish collaboration and long term success.

Our Kaindu Fisherfolk and Conservancy Fundraiser

 Please consider donating even a small amount to our continued community, wildlife and anti poaching endeavours. A little goes a LONG way in Africa.


Kaindu Agricultural

Using the existing network of respected headmen, as well as traditional farming techniques, we will train local villages on more resilient arable farming methods (including minimum till and more judicious use of fertilisers), to improve yield and provide better protection against crop failure during droughts - security sorely needed in a region ill-adapted for climate change. Our sights are set on further engagements regarding bee-keeping, and agro-tourism going forward.

Despite its location outside Kafue National Park, Kaindu's medium-term goal is to use its high game numbers to explore options for a tented photographic safari camp, and high-end/low-impact volunteer and adventure groups. The expanded conservancy, as well as giving scope for a wider suite of activities.

Conservation in the classroom

Projects that are to be introduced into the school is of a poaching, wildlife and environmental note. We would love to train up our local children as conservationists, enabling them to explore and be part of Africa's conservation successes. Thanks to the successful Rhino/Elephant Art project run by Kingsley Holgate, we are now bringing this program to Kaindu schools. This ongoing 'hands-on conservation' initiative will need support and we are hoping for long term pledges.

Rhino/Elephant Art is an ongoing educational anti-poaching program in the schools and your support would be welcome.

We will see all pledges, civic, social or environmental, channelled into your area of preference.

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught"  Baba Dioum

A Lion Rescued

In November 2017, our team discovered a lioness which had lost a foot after she had been caught in a snare. Due to her injuries, she was unable to catch prey to feed her dependant cub, which was at that point dying of starvation. The team decided to help the lioness by providing food for her and her cub. Her condition improved and she made a full recovery. The cub and the lioness have been spotted not too long ago and are both doing very well. The rescue mission would not have been a success without the assistance of a local hunter and farmer Troy Minne and Zambia's Department of National Parks who helped us with the recovery of the lions. Interesting to note that one night there was a tremendous battle at the camp between hyenas and the female who was defending her cub. She was strong enough to endure and win the battle even though both were quite badly bitten. A real conservation success.