History & Vision

This video depicts the conservation success of this area already achieved over the last 12 years, a collaboration between the Kaindu Community, Andrew Baldry, and Conservation initiatives. It is the want of Chief Kaindu and the Kaindu Community to reclaim all their dormant land for Conservation Tourism. Riding on the success of the Royal Kafue model, (fondly called our Mothership) the Community now sees substantial returns and fully realises the value of their lands and wildlife. This area now boasts abundant wildlife, where there were once no buffalo grazing the plains, one can now see herds of 500 or more. The success has meant being entrusted with more lands to rejuvenate and conserve through an eco-tourism model. This is where we need your travel, volunteer to work, and input so we can be "all hands on deck". Conservation in Africa is an expensive undertaking and needs all hands on board.


Bringing wildlife back from the brink

A decade ago it was His Royal Highness Senior Chief Kaindu who introduced Andrew Baldry to his lands. They were effectively abandoned and abused. It was a daunting and dangerous project as the region was controlled by poaching syndicates. Andrew's blood was spilt on these riverbanks but the community, on the whole, supported him and his diligence to make a difference. The people of Kaindu today fully realise the value of wild Africa and consider their natural resources as tangible assets. For the first time, they receive incomes and benefits from wildlife. It is their initiative to introduce new models and projects that will further enhance their lands.

Poaching and other resource abuse have been stemmed. The project is wholly communal. More lands have been identified for recovery. Some unchartered and remote. It is the volunteers and travellers with purpose and all those who invest their time, money and support who will be responsible for reclaiming and nurturing these lands.

The Royal Kafue model has successfully reclaimed in excess of 45 000 hectares which are now considered an extremely valuable wildlife estate. The project has attracted much attention locally and now other Chiefs want to embrace similar projects. Due to its success, this model is now being duplicated across Zambia. You have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new venture!

Headman Mutambashi

His Royal Highness Senior Chief Kaindu of the Kaounde tribe pronounced in 2004 large portions of customary lands as conservation areas. This was to be the foundation of Zambia’s first Communal Game Ranch. Swathes of dormant and abused habitat now converted to valuable wildlife estates. A precious asset for the Kaindu community.

The Volunteer/Travel/Expedition program will introduce another model to the Kaindu activities, to help compliment its success. The focus of this model is the recovery and rejuvenation of the Kaindu lands, not forgetting its iconic river, the Kafue, and its subsistence fisherfolk, with all those that wish to make a difference. The favour of Chief Kaindu has fallen on our founder Andrew Baldry, and through a sustainable conservation hunting model he managed to reclaim these dormant lands, now teeming with wildlife. We are offering a different conservation model, no hunting, but a Boots on the Ground Eco Conservation model to add to what has already been achieved. To all those who love Mother Africa and wish to contribute, without needing a degree or conservation background are welcome. You will help ensure these areas remain pristine and protected by your presence, your input manually and helping us problem solve all means of day to day conservation endeavours. These lands will make for an interesting research platform that will perpetually record the recovery process. The Program will be dictated not by rigid routines but rather initiated by structures and activities that directly complement land, habitat, and water. One can never predict a day in wild Africa and every rising of the sun brings new challenges.

Research, mapping, exploration, anti poaching and teamwork with the Kaindu will form the foundation of all activities. It will be a learning process for some and a work in progress for others. Learn from your guardians the Kaindu warriors and traditional hunters. Learn tribal customs, history, and bush lore. You will have the opportunity to explore your ideas and passions, and we will encourage you as a team.

Andrew Baldry was awarded the prestigious title of Headman for his sacrifices to the Kaindu people. Another first for Zambia. Mutambashi is simply the area. All people within the project boundaries fall under Headman Mutambashi.


A people reunited with its natural resources

Faced with rapid population expansion, rampant overexploitation of resources, and sustained pressure from illegal poaching and charcoal production, wildlife is in full retreat across the African continent. Iconic species and landscapes that many of us have traditionally seen as ‘priceless’ are being - for want of immediate economic value - marginalised in the battle for survival and economic development.

It is not too late. Avenues exist in such a context to retain and improve wild habitat, and the species that depend on it. Both consumptive and non-consumptive uses of wildlife can give such areas competitive value, and complement educational and technological programs, and in so doing help communities live - and grow - more sustainably. We do not dictate to communities how they are to manage or sustainably use their resources, but collaboration means we can find a winning formula for all.  In a polarised world in which those living far from Africa like to intervene in the debate over the future of the African landscape and its communities, often with little sense of the reality of life on the ground, we believe that the only way forward is to reserve judgment, to collaborate, and to advance the twin causes of ecosystem health and economic development in every single way we can.

A new land a new vision

We are conservationists with a deep spirit and feel for Africa, its people, wildlife and continent. We understand the challenges facing Africa and her preservation of wild spaces is not an easy task. We believe that we can make a conservation success of this new land entrusted to us by the Kaindu Community and Chief, and help bring about long term solutions for wildlife and the attached community. We hope to achieve this through expeditions and adventures, volunteers and travellers, those tiered and feeling lost, needing to re-boot, ignite a love for Africa and her preservation deep in the heart of all those that enter her gates. We want this conservation model to be born in the heart of every person, to be an ambassador for Community owned game conservancies going forward.

" If we do not do something to prevent it, Africas animals, and the places in which they live, will be lost to our world, and her children forever". Nelson Mandela

Strategic Programme

Collaboration at every level for ecological and economic development

We have assembled a team of community members, the Chief, professional guides, local tribal guides, fishermen and farmers, conservationists and ecologists, a team that understands the lived experience of the African bush and has the requisite knowledge of animal populations and behaviours, and yet also reflects the diversity of global opinion regarding land use. We believe such a team, and such a model, provide the best hope for a species-rich, abundant, and economically prosperous rural Africa. We share a common goal and passion for Africa and her wildlife.