This rehabilitated area is now surrounded by abundant wildlife on a restored and protected habitat.

We are situated on the banks of the Kafue River, in Northern Kafue, Kaindu about a 5 hour 4x4 drive from Lusaka. We appeal to adventurers and expeditioners, those with a heart for wild untouched Africa, which is raw and real. We are not about upmarket lodges, we are comfortable and rustic and want to maintain our low footprint and eco travel stance although we do offer an authentic Conservation Community and wildlife experience. Contact us for more information and questions.

Our Conservation Programs and Packages

Exciting travel options



Price: From 250 US Dollars
Duration: Flexible
Accommodates: Glamping and Bush Camps - Groups of 6-8 people
African bush camp experience.


Price: From $250 US Dollars per day
Duration: Tailor Made/Bespoke
Accommodates: 6 people
Africa Bush Camp experience.


A Zambian overland, glamping and walking safari package will be added soon.


Our day-to-day Conservation activities

A day in wild Africa is unpredictable. Below are some of the activities you could experience during your stay:

Who can join?

Anyone, no matter of age, or experience, who wants to be part of a program which is not dictated by rigid routines, but rather initiated by structures and activities that directly complement land, habitat and water. Anyone who wants to assist, observe, work hands-on, or just experience what makes conservation success in African wilderness community areas. One can never predict a day in wild Africa and every rising of the sun brings new challenges. To keep the program personal, groups are limited to a maximum of six people. Teams will be comprised of a diverse sector, but all with the same goal in mind. Skill sets and interests will be asked upon application. Those looking for a break from city life and wanting to relax and destress, and feel the African heartbeat.



Getting There

You will need to arrive in Lusaka a day before the start of the program. This is a 9 day package, and includes your collection in Lusaka, Pioneer Lodge to our camp in the Game Conservancy near the town of Kaindu, and back on day 9 to Lusaka, Pioneer Lodge. You will be picked up from Pioneer Lodge at 8 am on the day of departure, and returned there on day 9. Pioneer Lodge offers reasonably priced transfers to and from the airport. It is about a 5-hour drive to Kaindu-Kafue River conservancy area. This is a remote, far from civilisation destination. Once you arrive there will be no shops, electricity or luxuries, just wild and unfenced Africa. You will be transported in a vehicle traversing through rural communities, villages, corrugated and dusty roads. An adventure of 4x4 in itself ! A beer in the local community village bar en route is a happy welcome. You will experience remote Africa in its raw form.

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