Getting There You will need to arrive in Lusaka a day before the start of the program. This is a 9 day package, and includes your collection in Lusaka to Game Conservancy, and back on day 9 to Lusaka. You will be picked up from Pioneer Lodge at 8 am on the day of departure, and returned there on day 9. Pioneer Lodge offers reasonably priced transfers to and from the airport. It is about a 5-hour drive to Kaindu-Kafue River conservancy area. This is a remote, far from civilisation destination. Once you arrive there will be no shops, electricity or luxuries, just wild and un-fenced Africa. You will be transported in a vehicle traversing through rural communities, villages, corrugated and dusty roads. An adventure of 4x4 in itself ! A beer in the local community village bar en route is a happy welcome. You will experience remote Africa in its raw form.